Wearing your ring often is the best way to prevent tarnishing, as the natural oils on your skin will help keep silver bright. However, this may not apply to everyone due to each person’s unique body chemistry.

If your ring does become tarnished, it can easily be cleaned with a simple polishing cloth. Please do not use any harsh chemicals clean it, as this can scratch and damage the jewellery.

9K - 18K gold

Gold jewellery is resistant to sweat and water and can be worn day-to-day. Be aware that the higher the karat, the softer the gold and surfaces can become scratched, so taking off your jewellery for rigorous exercise is recommended.


Gold vermeil is a French technique of plating sterling silver with gold originating in the 18th century. All of our gold vermeil pieces are coated with 18 karat gold.

The durability of vermeil is better than regular gold plating due to it’s thickness, however with all plating, tarnishing can be expected over time.

The rate of tarnishing will depend on factors such as body chemistry, humidity, frequency of use and care. For plating to last longer, take off jewellery when exercising, washing, and store in a dry, cool place. 


Pearls are naturally soft and can be fragile, so handle them with care when wearing to prevent scratching and damage.

To clean pearls, apply a small amount of gentle hand-wash soap cloth to wipe them down and dry them with a soft cloth.